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Blood Pressure Monitor, Oudekay Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Pulse with Wide-Range Cuff for Home Use, 2 x 99 Memories, Large Three-Color Backlight Display

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Product Description

Blood Pressure MonitorBlood Pressure Monitor

Why is it important to monitor blood pressure every day?

A visit to the doctor may sometimes cause anxiety and nervousness, which can lead to negative, inaccurate readings-monitor your health in the safety and comfort of your home.
Daily readings can help you understand how to manage your health and hypertension.
Keeping track of your readings can help you and your doctor monitor and see the effects of treatment over time. You can literally see your health improve day by day.

Why choose our products ?

Adjustable Comfortable Cuff — The blood pressure monitor cuff Length 22 cm(8.7 inches) to 42 cm (16.5 inches).

Three-Color Backlight Display — Large LCD display, Which can be read clearly anywhere. The backlight LCD will change colors based on what range your blood pressure (BP) results display. Blue indicates a healthy BP, Orange indicates a precautionary BP, and Red warns of a BP in a dangerous range.

Double User mode & Large Storage Function — 2 users mode, 198 Memory storage with date & time. switch between two users to automatically store memory function.

Professional Blood Pressure Monitor — Your professional family doctor, OUDEKAY is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and convenient services to protect your health and make your life simple and elegant.

Blood Pressure MonitorBlood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure MonitorBlood Pressure Monitor

About us

OUDEKAY is committed to health care and protecting your health with the highest quality products and comfortable service. It is your most professional family doctor and makes your life more elegant.

1 x Blood Pressure Monitor

1 x Cuff

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x After-Sales Card

4 x AAA Batteries (Not Rechargeable)


Rated voltage: DC6V (4*AAA batteries ), usb 5V adapter (Not Included)
Measurement range and accuracy: 0 ~ 299mmHg, +-3mmHg
Pulse range and accuracy: 40 ~ 180 times / min, 5%
Cuff circumference range of 22-42cm

Auto inflation

One-button operation

Battery low indicator

Automatic power off without operation in 30s

Auto inflation and deflation

3-Color Hypertension Indicator

2 user groups, each storing up to 99 measurements

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

One Button Operation

The digital blood pressure is fully automatic, just need press one “Start” button to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. All process just need half minute.

Two User Model & Three-Color Backlight Display

OUDEKAY Arm BP Monitor is provide two users with 198 memories storage,user can easily to find their measuring history by press the memory button. And the the device is offer two user to measure their blood pressure independently with any confuse, which is convenience and economy for parents without buying another blood pressure monitor.

Dual Power Mode

Two ways (4 AA Batteries or USB port connect to power) make it easy to use at home or outside the door, the USB power cable are not included. And it will automatically turn off in 30s without any operation to extend battery life.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Clinically Accurate

Fully automatic blood pressure monitor has advanced measuring technique, to provide you the most accurate reading. Convenience to track your health every day.

Professional Home Use Medical Equipment

Professional certification, it suitable for medical unit and home use.

Keep The Correct Posture

Find time to relax by sitting in an armchair in a quiet atmosphere for about ten minutes before taking a measurement. Keep the correct posture.

Health Expert Advice:

Please carefully read the instruction manual before operating the device, in order to use it correctly.
The device is only intended for use in measuring blood pressure and pulse rate. Do not use this unit for any other purpose.
Strenuous exercise, smoking or drinking stimulants / depressants (for example, coffee or alcohol) is NOT ALLOWED before measurement.
The blood pressure is different throughout the day due to weather, emotion, exercise and other various factors. For maximum accuracy you can use the option to average your last 3 readings.
This Blood Pressure monitor is no intended to be a diagnostic device.Self-diagnosis and treatment using measured results may be dangerous.Follow the instructions of your physician.
For the users with upper limb disability, please consult your doctor for the permission to use this unit.
During the operating time,if the cuff is over-inflated, the pressure possibly makes user not comfortable. Please press “start/stop” button immediately to deflate the pressure,or take the air tube plug off and remove the cuff from upper arm.
Use only authorized parts and accessories,such as cuff,battery.
Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the unit or components.

Q&A for Common Questions on Blood Pressure:

1. Question:Why is the blood pressure measured at home lower than that measured at the hospital?

Answer: When measuring in hospital, we often feel nervous.

Because the mood is stable when measured at home, sometimes it is lower than the blood pressure measured in the hospital.20mmHg~ 30mmHg (2.7kPa-40kPa). It’s important to know your normal blood pressure at home when you’re calm.

Answer: When measuring, the position of the arm band is higher than that of the heart.

If the table or platform of the sphygmomanometer is too high, the position of the arm band is higher than that of the heart, the measured blood pressure is lower.

2. Question:Why is the blood pressure measured at home higher than that measured in hospitals?

Answer: Do you take antihypertensive ?

People who take antihypertensive lose their efficacy and cause high blood pressure. Please accept the doctor’s instructions.

Answer: Is the winding position of the arm strap correct?

The displacement of the arm band can not capture the arterial signal, and the measured blood pressure is on the high side. Please confirm the location of the black triangle mark.

Answer: The arm band is too loose.

Too loose the arm band will cause the pressure to be transmitted without an artery, so the blood pressure measured is higher than the actual value. Adjust arm and arm band gap, roll into arm band.

Answer: The posture was incorrect.

When bending down, sitting cross-legged, bending down on a sofa or a low table, the blood pressure rises because the abdominal pressure or the position of the arm is lower than that of the heart. Please use the correct posture measurement.

3. Question:Why do you feel pain or numbness when measuring because of the tightening of the arm band?

Answer: This is a temporary phenomenon. Don’t worry about it.

When blood pressure is measured, the straightening arm band is needed to tighten to a temporary stop of blood flow to the artery, so some pain and numbness may be felt in the arm. When the lower arm band is removed, a little rest can be relieved.

4. Question:Why is the blood pressure measured different every time?

Answer: Is it measured at the same time?

During the day, blood pressure changes even if measured every 10 seconds. In order to manage blood pressure correctly, please measure it at the same time every day.

Answer: Blood pressure will fluctuate due to various reasons. It takes 15 minutes to unbind the bandage between the two intervals, or it will not become tighter and tighter, which will affect blood vessel changes. The number of elderly patients with atherosclerosis or muscle atrophy after compression changes are particularly significant. Even if measured at home, the measurement results will change in the following cases.

【Large Screen Tricolor Backlight Display】- Easy-read backlight screen with extra-large digits and tricolor-colored LCD indicator lights to show your readings to the monitors the results clearly. The green means normal, the orange means a little high and the red means high,especially easy for the aged to read.
【Two-User Mode】- The blood pressure monitor supports two user mode, can store up to 198 sets of data (99 readings for each user). Automatically displays the average of your last 3 readings. Helps users to easily track their health, blood pressure and heart rate according to the specific time and date.Its measurement stability is superior to wrist one. it is more suitable for patients with older age, irregular heartbeats, and peripheral blood vessel aging caused by diabetes.
【Adjustable Comfortable Cuff】- With 22-42cm(8.7 – 16.5in) large cuff,this blood pressure monitor fits most people within the accepted range especially larger arms and has very strong velcro around the cuff to secure it around the arm. No replacement cuff needed.
【After-Sale Service】- We provide friendly customer service, If you have any problem, Please contact us our customer service team by email ,Our team will provide 24-hour service.

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Blood Pressure Monitor, Oudekay Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Pulse with Wide-Range Cuff for Home Use, 2 x 99 Memories, Large Three-Color Backlight Display


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